EA and DICE Own Up To Battlefield 4’s Faults, Conveys Respect to the Community

The official Battlefield account has addressed the faults of Battlefield 4 to a community of gamers unhappy with the product.

battlefield 4

The official Battlefield Facebook account received a barrage of complaints about the state of Battlefield 4 after it announced Battlefest earlier today.

Instead of ignoring these complaints or clamping down on them by deleting the angry comments, the developers at EA and DICE have instead chose to cop to the fact that Battlefield 4 has had an entire host of problems since its release.

battlefield 4

The account went on to state that the company is “here to help with anything we may be able to” and wants to hear feedback from fans about everything Battlefield related, including Battlefield 1942 and Bad Company.

Recently, studio head Karl-Magnus Troedsson made a statement saying he had no idea why Bad Company was so popular among fans. He asked (via Eurogamer) :

“We take all this into account when we think about the future, and do franchise strategy. But there’s one thing that lingers with Bad Company that we’ve been asking ourselves: what is it that the people really liked about Bad Company?”

He added that it would be difficult for the company to go back and remake the fan favorite because they, like the fans themselves, were unable to articulate what was so good about the Bad Company games.

In any case, the studio’s account on Facebook added that the company wants to appreciate its players and convey respect.

“If it wasn’t for our community, we would be nowhere,” they wrote, and added that “all feedback is appreciated.”

“If you guys want to flame out on us? Flame away. We use this to get better and appreciate every single poster who spends the time to put their thoughts down on our page. Whether it be positive, negative, or simply question, we are listening,” said DICE.