Clash Of Clans Free Gems Cheats Guide For iPhone & Android

Accruing those gems really isn’t that hard, if you follow these steps.

This is a guide on getting free gems for Supercell’s Clash of Clans. This guide will be useful for both iOS and Android players.

The idea is to get iTunes gift cards for free that you can then redeem for gems, using an app called FeaturePoints. You go to the url This link will bring you straight to the popup to download and install FeaturePoints. Once it’s done, you will get 50 points off the bat.

At that point, you seek out and redeem the points under Castle Clash by IGG. This will bring you back to the App Store, so that IGG cab confirm you downloaded it from FeaturePoints.

Now, you will want to use the Castle Clash app for at least one minute, possibly two. This is, of course, a Clash of Clans clone in itself, so you probably won’t be bored with it. After five minutes of play, this player accrued 252 points.

Again, you’re earning iOS gift cards, but this trick will work for both iOS and Android users since you should be redeeming them almost immediately after.