Low Knack, Killzone Scores Related to Reviewers Not Playing Games Long Enough

Why did we see such mixed reviews for games like Knack and Killzone: Shadow Fall? Yoshida thinks it could be because of a lack of reviewer time.

The holiday season is busy for game critics, and this particular fall might just be one of the most software packed of all time. With the launch of new consoles – paired with the continued release of titles for the PS3, 360, Wii U, and all those handheld systems – it’s not always possible to spend as much time as needed see everything a game has to offer. Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida understands this review crunch time, and believes it could have something to do with the lower-than-expected Knack and Killzone: Shadow Fall scores.

"I haven't spent enough time reading reviews, but I would characterize them as mixed,” Yoshida told GameIndustry International. “And with this launch there are lots of games coming out, so the media must be very busy going through the games quickly, and especially since the online functionality wasn't ready until in the last couple days. So we have to look at how much time they spend on what aspect of the games and how that may be contributing to some of the lower scores.

“It's disappointing but I don't think it's worrisome for the launch of the system. I've played through all of our games, Killzone, Knack and Resogun, and I totally enjoyed playing through these games. I'm now on my second run of Knack and Resogun at a higher difficulty – these games really grow on you when you play more. I'm very confident that once you purchase these games and play, you'll be happy that you've done so.”

This is a transitional period for Sony, and hopefully the company can move on from this launch and produce a few hits down the road. Look to hear more on the future of the PlayStation 4 tonight during a launch event