Massive Changes to COD: Ghosts Multiplayer That You Didn’t Know About

With these changes to Call of Duty’s multiplayer, the series will never be the same.

As the verdicts of Call of Duty: Ghosts pour in with the release of the game, we've learned a few things about the game's multiplayer elements that are well worth mentioning—meaningful differences that only the most ardent Call of Duty fan will appreciate. 

Here are some of the many changes compiled by redditors who've managed to spend some time in multiplayer, which though largely a similar experience to its predecessors in the series, sees enough changes to put it ahead. 

– Squads is twice the most fun I've ever had killing bots, at least. The feeling of strategizing, investing in and observing your murderous children is glorious, especially when you see them kicking tail.

– No longer is CoD the SMG/Quickscopefest it once was. Long and numerous lines of sight create a much more cranial challenge and will surely encourage creater variety in weapon decision.

– Knife lunges suck, and the animation stunlock prevents all but Maniacs from teleknifing three people in one room.

– The graphics are gorgeous on high settings, even if it's not Battlefield.

– Some map-changing events are fantastic, the earthquake being my personal favorite.

– The expanded perk system blows wide open the strategic possibilities for niche loadouts. Spending so much time theorycrafting and experimenting with the various categories.

– Extinction is straight-up more exciting and interesting than Zombies ever was.

– Safeguard is officially the best survival mode in a Call of Duty game, with AI that attempts to sneak up behind you and knife you, difficult ammo management, loot rounds, and up to two rerolls on the support packages.

– Field operations (the briefcases) create a great risk/reward scenario that can either make or ruin your day.