Pokemon X and Y Tips and Tricks Pro Cheats Guide

Get the lowdown on how to fly past those Pokemon throwdowns.

We've collected some tips and tricks to help you get through Pokemon X and Y. As is usually the case with prior games, these tips work on either version of the game.

First off, here’s a set of super tips from an anonymous friend of the writer who claims she finished the whole game in 2 days, or to be specific, 21 hours:

  • Run into the tall grass to level up your Pokemon as often as you can.
  • Make sure you have all Pokemon Types represented.
  • Try to have Grass, Water and Fire Type Pokemon as your strongest Pokemon.
  • Make use of Super Training and Pokemon Amie as much as you can.

Now, what follows are some tips we've collated from other fans in discussion:

  • When you throw a Pokeball, it will occasionally do a Critical Capture. When this happens, it shakes just once and the Pokemon is automatically caught. The more Pokemon you have caught, the more likely it happens.
  •  Some people are suggesting different motions to increase the chances of Critical Captures. Lacking official confirmation, take these with a pinch of salt:
  • Press Down and B
  • Press Up and B
  • Move Left and Down alternately, simulating fishing
  • Hold left and right triggers and the down button, tap A when the ball rocks.
  • You will want to catch as many Pokemon as possible, not only to increase Critical Captures, but also to increase your experience. Many suggest you catch one of every Pokemon you see.
  • Premier Balls are now available to purchase for 200P each.
  • Story based Pokemon are now far easier to catch, to help you go forward faster.
  • Technical Machines are back as reusable machines.
  • Many players are running across their first TM from this girl in Courmaline City. She will ask you a question every day and give you a TM if you get it right. This girl will give you a total of four machines, with Embargo and Acrobatics confirmed.
  • Another girl from the Anistar Pokecenter will give you Flamethrower and Substitute, and apparently two more TMs.
  • Related to this, some players have confirmed the old time skipping trick works. What you need to do is reset your 3DS clock to 11:59, and then wait out the one minute before logging back in. The game will then not notice that you’ve changed the day to go ahead.

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