Minecraft 1.6 Cheats & Glitches Guide

There are plenty of interesting glitches in Minecraft 1.6.

Minecraft players are a bit crazy. The more casual audience seems content in just building a nice little home, digging a deep cavern to collect resources, and adding friends to enjoy their unique world. Dedicated players, though, want to see just how far they can take this customizable experience. We’ve seen massive castles that take dozens of hours to create, statues of classic game characters, and most interestingly, glitches that take advantage of overlook features. Update 1.6.1 has just made its way to the PC, and while most people will be spending their time gawking at the horses, a handful of users have already found fantastic ways to break this crafting game.

The first video we have for you showcases how to duplicate the infinite powered rail. This particular YouTube user has built a contraption that creates copies of your rail of choosing (other than regular rails), and yes, it’s a bit of a process. The unique machine can be seen in action, with a full explanation of what’s actually happening, below.

The fun doesn’t stop there, though. A second user has found a few interesting glitches with the game’s carpet, which can help players sprint right up ledges without lifting their feet. The process is pretty interesting, so you can take a look at that below, too.

We’ll make sure to update this post with new glitches as we learn about them. If you happen to discover anything crazy in this new update, make sure to let us know by leaving a comment below.