New Mirror’s Edge an Action-Adventure Title, Only Possible with new Consoles

The new Mirror’s Edge saw tremendous support from EA.

For weeks we saw multiple Amazon listings and EA support pages indicating a Mirror's Edge 2 announcement. When EA finally revealed the new Mirror's Edge title, we also discovered that Faith might run freely in an open-world around a brand new story. When speaking with ComputersAndVideogames, EA's Patrick Soderlund discussed the new Mirror's Edge title development process and previous sales.

For a while, DICE assigned many small teams to discover what the IP could transform into. The idea for the new Mirror's Edge title came from producer on the game, Sara Jansson, who pitched her vision to Patrick.

Their response, "we have to build this now."

With the new idea however, Patrick explained that the new Mirror's Edge would only become possible with the next generation of consoles. He put simply, "it's not possible on the current generation."

With tremendous support both internally at EA and the 2.5 million people who bought the original game, making a new Mirror's Edge seemed obvious to the company.

When pressed about what the new direction of the game, Patrick said that DICE " missed completely on the game being too difficult, people keep falling down and the notion of constantly running away wasn't maybe greatly perceived. On top of that there were a bunch of other problems with it, but again we look at what's great with it, we do more of that and we fix the things that were broken."

Patrick wouldn't confirm the open-world design of Mirror's Edge, yet he did explain the approach of the next game. "What I can say is we're taking more of an action adventure approach on it than maybe before. First-person, running predominantly… This will be more of an action adventure game, but true to what the first one was to a large extent."

The new Mirror's Edge, according to DICE, will arrive "when it's ready." Since Mirror's Edge fans waited so long, I don't think they will mind waiting a bit longer. 

Source: ComputersAndVideogames
Via: VG247