Ability to Create Download Queues for PS3 and Vita Added to Browser Store

Queues will not activate sleeping consoles.

PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita owners now have the ability to create download queues for PlayStation Network content from the Sony Entertainment Network browser store it has been announced

On the official PlayStation Forums it was revealed that content purchased from the SEN store will now be automatically added to your PS3 or Vita's download queue which will begin downloading your games and other software when you turn on your system – adding games to your queue will not activate a powered down console.

However, PlayStation Plus subscribers will have their content downloaded as part of the daily Automatic Update process which users of that service have access to and can set for a specific point during the day. 

While this feature has been around for some time for Xbox 360 owners Sony have at least beaten Nintendo who have yet to launch a web based version of their eShop although the SEN store can be difficult to filter and is most easily used for newly released content.

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