Skyrim Aesir Armor Mod is the Best Damn Armor Mod There Is

It even has its own dungeon so you’ll have to delve deep into the core of the earth to acquire your spoils.

skyrim aesir mod

Omessean, a Skyrim Modder, has put together an original set of armor called Aesir Armor, which makes characters in the game look every bit as Nordic as you'd expect them to—had Bethesda gone the distance with the Nordic aesthetic and given these characters tremendous shoulders, bone armor, and furs.

Its creator describes Aesir Armor as "perhaps the most versatile piece of equipment currently out on the [Skyrim] Nexus." He says that contains something for nearly every type of playing style. From the mighty, lone warrior to a more mystic approach, from thieves to brawlers, the Aesir Armor offers equipment for everyone.

The armor set consists of thirteen different objects, all of which contain variations and possibilities for which you can assemble your own unique get-up.

In addition to the armor, there's a custom dungeon filled with hordes of blood-crazed Einherjar, traps to dodge, and riddles to solve. Yes, unlike other mods, you'll have to work for these.

Nearly all pieces of the armor use vanilla textures. This means Aesir Armor will benefit from most high-resolution texture packs you may or may not have installed. You can download the mod here.

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