Latest Terraria Talk Shows New 1.2 Screenshot

Brand new screenshot revealed in latest video.

A new YouTube Terraria Talk video has shown a new never-before-seen Version 1.2 screenshot.

The trailer's host, James Bennett, begins by showing 'Team Art Attack' who have a "pretty rocking crib" complete with sandstone bricks and backdrop as well as new rich mahogany furniture harvested from jungle trees as well as new banners. The team consists of a pharoh and an eskimo presumably on the videogame equivalent of a cultural exchange program. 

Team Spelunk meanwhile have a new cactus chair, table set, door and cactus backdrop. On Spelunk's side is a steampunk soldier and a 'Not-so damsel in distress' who have come to come to grips with their new arsenal, the cannon. As the two sides fight over the water sources between their bases it seems pretty evenly matched though of course it's hard to tell from a screenshot. 

After which James chats with 'Waffles' about the game and more, you can watch all of it below. You can pick up Terraria on Steam as well as PSN and XBLA.