Grid 2 Multiplayer Modes Revealed

RaceNet will be the game’s social network, allowing players to share stats.

Grid 2 screenshot

Codemasters, the company behind the new racing game Grid 2, released information today detailing the n ew multiplayer mode, according to All Games Beta.

The company focused more on player choices and style in their wide-range of game modes. When users play the game, they will help to customize racing modes, along with items and cars. They will be able to start from pre-defined options and then evolve from there, meeting people with similar styles along the way.

These modes will all be connected through RaceNet, Codemasters' browser-based extension which tracks all of the players' stats, including rewards, races, and rivals. This also works as a social network where people can follow others and brag about achievements.

Rivals–a new option on RaceNet–are other players you can connect with through the game. There is the weekly rival, a challenger based on the player's level, a social rival, which is a friend, or a custom rival, which is chosen through other parameters.

Interested in this new racing game? You can check out the trailer here.

The game, which is a sequel to 2008's Race Driver: Grid  will be released on May 31 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.