Flashback is Getting Remade for PC, Consoles

Vector Cell’s classic platformer is getting remade.


Retro games are all the rage these days, and we're not complaining. The latest classic game to get a modern day remake is Vector Cell's Flashback. The game is being remade for both the PC and consoles and is set for release this year.

A playable version of the game was showcased at Ubisoft's Autumn Digital Days in Sydney today. In addition to all new graphics and a 3D-rendered protagonist, the game will offer better analog controls over the original title, and tutorial prompts to get the player started as the original game was notoriously difficult for newcomers.

The basic premise of Flashback remains the same, with the remake retaining most, if not all of the classic's 2D platforming mechanics.

A trailer of the remake can be seen below.