MLB 13 The Show Glitch Has Players Switching Sides

Watch as this Astros turncoat celebrates with the winning team in their dugout.

mlb 13 the show

Glitches in sports games are some of the funniest, thanks to their complicated physics, AI, and all manner of aspects that have a tendency to screw up and perform the way the developers never intended.

MLB 13 The Show is no different, and while it's a lot less glitchy than other games, these bugs do crop up from time to time and as this video by SportsGamingUniverse shows, they can be downright hilarious.

The glitch shows how a rogue Houston Astros player defects from his own team to join the opposing team in their dugout to celebrate the game's victory with them. You can't help but wonder if stuff like this is going to start happening to the Astros this season. Let's hope not.