Project Awakened Creates Unreal Engine 4 Tech Demo For One Last Push

But is it enough to help fund the game?

Remember Project Awakened, that proposed and rather ambitious sandbox super hero simulator? Phosphor Games promised quite the intriguing mix, though it would seem that many are either unconvinced of their ability to deliver such a thing or are simply not interested in the idea itself.

Though the later seems rather unlikely; it's a safe bet that a competently put together game that allowed you to be whatever superhero you'd like to be and totally bust loose would do very well. At any rate, the Kickstarter to help make it happen is struggling; with 4 days left, it has yet to reach the halfway mark of their $500,000.

Hence the following video, one must presume, to help garner some last minute excitement. It shows what the game might be like, via the Unreal Engine 4. No doubt it's a reaction to previous tech demos, which were done in Unreal Engine 3, which on a visual level, left much to be desired among some:

Project Awakened does indeed look prettier, but many are still not convinced in the game as a whole. The prevailing attitude is that it's just too vague; while the idea of being able to utilize (and combine) whatever power sounds like fun, many are interested in knowing more about the element that will act as the glue, which is the gameplay.

As a result, more than a few are starting to suspect the lack of any serious discussion about how the game actually plays. “Too ambitious for its own good” has been said more than a few times already. Still, there is some time left on the clock, and many Kickstarters often rally at the very end, so the jury is still out.