Sony Has Every Single Studio They Own Working On A PlayStation 4 Title

Because a new console needs new games, right?

Sony promised much last week, when unveiling their next console. So they have a lot to live up to. Good thing they have a bunch of studios at their disposal. And according to IGN, they're putting every single one of them to good use.

Each and every studio they own is producing a PS4 game, according President of Sony’s Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida:

“Is it fair to say that all of the first party studios are working on PS4 games? Is it fair or not fair? It is fair to say.”

Given that Sony owns twelve developers, and after doing some basic math, that means, at the very least, we can expect at least 12 exclusive titles for the new PlayStation.

We know already that Guerilla Games is making Killzone: Shadow Fall, Sucker Punch is doing Infamous: Second Son, Evolution Studios is putting together Drive Club, and that Media Molecule is doing something related to the PlayStation Move.

That leaves studios like Naughty Dog, Polyphony Digital, SCE Santa Monica Studio, and SCE Japan Studio. IGN speculates that the makers of Uncharted could be putting together part 4, which is a fair bet, though one also wouldn't be surprised if they look ahead to building new IPs for the new system (much like they did for the PS3 with the original Uncharted trilogy).

Meanwhile, Gran Turismo 6 is a much safer bet. Honestly, one of the biggest shocks of last week's PS4 unveil was that it wasn't on hand. And another God of War is also a given.

Though, as IGN also points out, it's not as clear what certain other studios will produce. Like Sony Bend, which mostly produces PSP and PSVita software; their last effort for the console was for the PS2, and those were simply ports of assorted Syphon Filter titles for the PSP.