Bungie Explains Why Those Guys at the PS4 Launch Didn’t Know What to Do with Their Hands

No, they aren’t moonlighting as a boyband

The folks at Bungie have demonstrated yet again that they have an incredible sense of humour and ability to laugh at themselves by acknowledging and explaining that which quickly became a meme: the four Bungie guys on stage at the PS4 announcement who had no idea what to do with their hands. In a news update entitled “New Beginnings”, Bungie rep DeeJ opens the Bungie “mail sack” with the first question, “What in the world was up with those four Bungie guys on Sony's stage?” reportedly from “everyone on the Internet”. His answer?

“I know, right? We’ve been chasing the answer to the question from the moment we picked ourselves up off the floor and stopped laughing. Details are still murky, but from what we can gather Marty may have instructed our four friends to “keep their hands out of their pockets.” We also may or may not have a Men’s Warehouse directly below our studio.”

Given the amount of marketing work that goes into these kinds of events, it's refreshing to see a company laugh off criticisms and general mockery. I doubt the guy who looked like he was about to cry – you know, while talking about how the police aren't always the good guys – will have done the same.

Aside from that, the update doesn't include much else of note. A few more questions are answered, but generally those answers include phrases like “we don't know” and “we can't say”. If you want to find out more about things like pre-order incentives, however, go right ahead and check out the update for yourself.