Black Ops 2 Update Adds Fixes For Multiplayer and Zombies, Resolves Stat Reset Bug

A host of fixes has been deployed in the latest patch for Black Ops 2.

black ops 2

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 has been updated today, just as its developers promised a couple of days ago. Although Treyarch had failed at the time to disclose what the new patch would contain, the update notes appear to fix with many of the issues brought up by players in their feedback to Treyarch.

For the most part, the patch addresses several dozen multiplayer issues, and a couple of usability issues that improve the game for colorblind players with the mode enabled.

The most serious is the resolution of an issue where stats were reset due to a failed save process. Players affected by the bug could lose their entire profile. That's since been fixed, and Treyarch has posted further details about the problem on a page dedicated to the issue, stating that players who had their profiles reset have been rolled back to their original stats.

In addition to multiplayer issues, which relate to spawns, balance, interface, and a variety of odd bugs, the patch also addresses many major issues relating to the game's Zombies mode.

The entirety of the game's patch notes can be found at Activision's