Django Unchained, The Video Game, In The Form Of The Sims 3

Can video games handle such a hot topic as racism? What about the people who play them?

It's common these days to find someone emulating a movie that they just saw with the help of a video game. Minecraft appears to be the most popular canvas for such artistic endeavors. So hearing a person utilizing The Sims 3 is already fairly unique all by itself. But what if the source of inspiration was Django Unchained?

According to PC Gamer, Reddit user BourgeoisBanana was both inspired by Django Unchained and a bit bored as well, hence his decision to recreate a colonial-era plantation in The Sims 3.

It also helped him to tap into his love for history and architecture. But because fabricating such a place from one of America's darkest periods of history is not exactly easy, BourgeoisBanana had to resort to mods.

As many have noted already, what makes the creation so noteworthy (or offensive) is how a place that is so representative of racism is brought to life in a game that exudes cheerfulness and innocence.

BourgeoisBanana has been called out for being racist on Reddit, and no doubt other places. But he feels that its the duty of video games to explore the parts of history that many of us would rather ignore:

"I believe that to deny our history is to make it repeatable, and discouraging projects such as this one won’t prevent racism in the least… Not only gamers, but all forms of media should definitely get over this politically correct phase we seem to be going through so we can expose the brutality of our past, rather than covering it up and pretending it never happened."