Borderlands 2 List of Working SHIFT Codes for Golden Keys

All the Golden Keys for Borderlands 2 you can ever hope to get are within this list.

borderlands 2

Gear in Borderlands 2 is mainly acquired through killing monsters, completing quests, and getting lucky loot drops every so often. However, one surefire way to get good loot is through Golden Keys, which is a part of Gearbox’s SHIFT Code reward system. 

Most of these keys are given out at events that Gearbox partakes in, as well as through Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, where the studio holds a strong social presence. While most of these keys are available for use only for a limited period of time, others, such as the ones below, have extended uses and remain claimable. 

To acquire the Golden Keys held by these SHIFT Codes, simply go to the ‘Extras’ menu  in Borderlands 2 and hit the Shift Code option. Once you’ve created a SHIFT account, simply redeem the codes below by keying them in. Do note that these are for the PC version of Borderlands 2 only. 

 The codes below were compiled by “Brad” on Steam.








K3K33-3W9JT-6XJJT-TB3JB-HWZZF – Contains five keys.

C3W3B-6B95C-SWFJJ-B3BJJ-5C6XJ – Expires January 20th


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