Game Makers Who Were Once Bullied Are Now Sharing Their Stories Via New Website

Beyond The Final Boss states: "We were bullied, but then we won. You can win too."

Beyond the Final Boss is the brainchild of Shahid Ahmad, who once upon a time designed for an old Atari 800 game called Chimera, and is currently the Senior Business Development Manager at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

The purpose of the site is for fellow game makers to share stories from their past. Specifically, how they were all once victims of bullying and how each was able to turn things around.

As Indie Games notes as well, it does sound somewhat similar to the It Gets Better campaign, and the tales being told are equally soul stirring.

Beyond the Final Boss came about when Ahmad a heated discussion took place online between Mike Bithell, the developer responsible for Thomas Was Alone, and Byron Atkinson-Jone, a former developer at PomPom and Introversion developer.

Ahmad got permission to repost their accounts, and eventually asked others to share as well. There aren't too many profiles as of yet, but the few that are present runs the gamut from indie to AAA developer.

But in due time, it should prove to be an invaluable source of inspiration for those who are currently being victimized, to let them know that things will eventually improve.