Weird ‘Zeno Clash 2’ Screenshots Released, Dated

The weirdly beautiful Zeno Clash 2 sees a new release of screenshots along with its release date.

zeno clash 2

The developers at the indie outfit ACE Team have released six new screenshots for their upcoming game, Zeno Clash 2, which is set as a sequel to the first title, originally released in 2009.

The original Zeno Clash combined first person shooting with a strong brawling element, inviting players to engage in quite a bit of pugilism. It was well received not just for its distinctive art style and its weird tribal/prehistoric setting, but also for its storyline and characters. 

This time around, the sequel will offer multiplayer in addition to a single player story. The original game was released with a single player campaign only to be updated later on with an arena mode that allowed players to compare their scores against their friends on a global leaderboard. Details about what they plan to do with the game in terms of multiplayer in Zeno Clash 2 are not yet known. 

ACE Team plans to release Zeno Clash 2 on the Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, and PC early this year.