Watch DmC’s Mission 9 Being Played

Watch the ninth mission in DmC.

Not that we're lacking in DmC gameplay footage, but just in case you wanted more, here's mission nine of Ninja Theory's upcoming Devil May Cry reboot.

In this new DmC gameplay video (via Eurogamer), we can see some of the platform elements in the game and even a new enemy type. Oddly enough, this new enemy (boss?) resembles Cortana — at least for me, anyway. While the gameplay footage doesn't show any story spoilers, it does reveal how to defeat this blue witch. So if you'd rather find it out by yourself, skip the latter half of the video.

Plaforming and combat looks good enough, I admit. Can Ninja Theory pull of Devil May Cry's reboot? If so, then DmC might be the first big game of 2013. 

Any of you getting it or are you waiting to see how it reviews first?

DmC is set for a January 15 release on the PS3 and Xbox 360.