Next ‘Skyrim’ DLC May Feature Redguard, PS3 Support Confirmed For Dragonborn

A rumor has surfaced that the upcoming Skyrim expansion may feature the Redguard.


Whenever a Bethesda rumor surfaces, there's typically very little to go on, but what scant information these rumors seem to offer appear to have a kernel of truth. Previous leaks from 'sources' (which no doubt we'll never learn about) served as a basis for the Dragonborn and Dawnguard DLCs.

While initial rumors for the Dragonborn DLC suggested that the story would revolve around the ancient Snow Elves of Skyrim, these rumors were later proven untrue when even further information about the DLC came out, pointing towards the direction of Morrowind instead. So needless to say, these rumors, whatever and whenever they surface, should be taken with an ample helping of salt.

The latest Skyrim DLC-related rumors to surface are in regards to the Redguard. Fans of the series will recognize the Redguard as one of the many races in Tamriel. These dark-skinned warriors hail from the desert lands of Hammerfell due southwest of Skyrim, bordering the city of Falkreath.

According to the official Xbox Magazine, which uncovered these rumors which hitherto have yet to be proven either true or false, Bethesda's parent company Zenimax renewed its trademark for the term "Redguard". It filed the trademark under "downloadable computer game software offered via the internet and wireless devices" sometime back in 2011 and, according to the site once more, has yet to file a Statement of Use. The company renewed its hold of the trademark as recently as August 2012.

As the next generation of console hardware is just around the corner, Bethesda has good reason not to delay the release of any future Skyrim DLCs and get as much as it can out of the game's remaining lifespan.

The studio has yet to release any information regarding the upcoming DLC, but has announced that the PS3 platform, long neglected by the company, will receive both Dragonborn and Hearthfire expansions early this year. Owners of Skyrim on the PS3 have thus far been unable to experience the additional content available to both Xbox 360 and PC players, so it's a welcome word for any adventurers left in the world.