DUST 514 Players Can Now Call for Backup from EVE Pilots

EVE pilots can help out from orbit with a game-changing bombardment

DUST 514 is almost ready for open beta, and CCP Games has announced its last build to go live before the game reaches that point: Chromosome. Besides tackling bugs, and including changes made to the progression system, squad system, fitting system, game modes, and more, Chromosome is mainly focused on bringing together DUST 514 and EVE Online.

One of the major new features is the ability for DUST 514 players down on the surface of whatever planet they happen to be on to call for off-map support from players in EVE Online (currently those on test servers). So EVE pilots in orbit around the planet will be able to release a bombardment to help out mercenaries fighting it out on the surface below. As you can imagine, these bombardments can easily sway the battle, and CCP will be testing them thoroughly to make sure they fit properly within the games.

But aside from that, Chromosome also joins the EVE Online and DUST 514 markets so that trade and corporate alliances are now shared between the two games, which means that changes in one game will affect the other. It's all very interesting, and CCP is quick to sing its own praises at having been able to achieve this kind of cross-play.

Is this the future of gaming? Or just a one-off feature that will be restricted to the likes of EVE Online and others like it?