Black Ops 2 Boosting Methods Caught and Exposed

Here are some of the things pathetic people do in Black Ops 2 to boost their stats…

For some odd reason, multiplayer shooters bring out the worst in some people. You'll come across racist assholes, arrogant scumbags, cheaters and even boosters.

No matter how much you hate them, the people mentioned above are almost always part of the online community of a multiplayer FPS game and in particular — Call of Duty games. For Black Ops 2, it's no different. I've come across people who were abusive, racists and even those who cheated their way to good stats (boosters).

The details we're about to share now reveal some of the methods boosters use, but in no way do we condone the acts themselves. In short, we're educating you on how boosters think and act, but we don't want you boosting yourself, alright? If you're stubborn, well, it's your call, but do keep in mind that we do intend for the people of Treyarch to see this and act accordingly.

In the video shown below, YouTube user TechTakedown shows us how to create a glitch for locked lobbies online. While people normally do this for boosting, it's also a great way to check out boosters as they're the ones who'll end up joining your glitched lobby. 

For now, we can't confirm or deny if this works for the PS3 version or if it's exclusive to Black Ops 2 on the Xbox 360. I'll also be frank and admit that I won't be checking if this works for the PS3 version. 

However, for the PS3, we uncovered another way on how people boost their stats. Funnily enough, this was taught to me by someone whom I partied up with. 

Obviously, I won't out the person who taught me this, but I will divulge the method — though not in a step-by-step manner, as I dont want people to start doing this to boost.

If and when you have a bad kill/death ratio in a game, when the round ends, immediately sign out of your profile so the stats itself won't be saved…and that's about it. Rinse and repeat and your K/D ratio is guaranteed to be where you want it. There's a quick and dirty way on how to do it using only three steps, but I think the info shared is enough for now.

So, for those playing on the PS3, don't believe every player that you see rocking a 2.00 and above K/D. While there's a chance they really are good, there's also the possibility that they're using this method to make sure their stats look impressive.

Again, we're posting this not so you guys can copy it, but to warn you against the people who do. Hopefully, Treyarch sees this and puts a stop to it quickly.

Do you know of any method of boosting for Black Ops 2? If so, post 'em in the comments below so we can have Treyarch have a look at it.