Top-Down Fragmented Reality RPG ‘Songbringer’ Gets Release Date

The Legend of Songbringer.

A touch of Zelda, a sprinkling of pixel art, and a labyrinth of rain-soaked procedurally generated dungeons make Nathanael Weiss’s Songbringer the indie to watch out for. Who could possibly resist Roq Epimetheos, party boy, musician, accidental hero, and yes—the game’s opinionated protagonist?

Songbringer tells the story of Roq’s journey as he peacefully sails through the galaxy, but winds up (accidentally) awakening a terrible evil on strange, new land. The planet Ekzera is harsh, full of skeletons, fires and monstrous dragons that threaten to make you dinner in the dungeons. Your goal is to explore the overworld, much like the Zelda games, and complete puzzles and acquire new abilities like psychedelic powers to see the unseen.

Ultimately, Roq will embark on a path of self discovery where failure is not an option, because not succeeding means only one thing: a once peaceful galaxy will never be restored.

Publisher Double Eleven announced today that Songbringer is officially releasing for PC and Xbox One on September 4. PlayStation 4 owners will get to dive into its roguelike galaxy from Septemer 5. If you’re super keen you can also pre-order the closed beta today for the negotiable price of $16 USD and up.