Sponsored Post: Boo Johnson x Supra Marks the Latest Collaboration from Mountain Dew Green Label

Pro skater Boo Johnson and skatewear brand Supra ties up for a custom sneaker, read on for details.

In the videos below, watch and learn how pro skater Boo Johnson and skatewear brand Supra team up for a custom sneaker — the Boo Amigos, which is part of Mountain Dew's Green Label Exclusives project.

Mountain Dew, which is owned by Pepsico, has been bringing artists and athletes together with top designers to produce these special projects for the "GLE" collection. 

Here are the videos:

For those interested in the "Boo Johnson x Supra" collaboration, it will be available on Karmaloop's skater site Brick Harbor starting next week on December 13, and there's even going to be a launch celebration, too, with Boo Johnson appearing in the Supra store in New York tonight.

Mountain Dew collaborating with athletes and clothing lines for specialty products? Yep, and you thought they were just for games.