Black Ops 2: How to “Fix” Lag Compensation

Annoyed at Black Ops 2’s lag compensation "feature?" You’re not alone. Here’s a way to "fix" it.

While Call of Duty has been this current-generation's best-selling game annually for a few years running, that's still not enough for Activision to pony up for dedicated servers for console players.

Instead, they tried to alleviate the signifcant "host advantage" problem by implementing a lag compensation mechanic in Black Ops 2's multiplayer. It's great in theory, but in execution, it amounts to frustrating deaths that even though you fired first, but in the kill-cam you can see yourself not even raising your gun. In short, it breaks the game to some degree.

However, YouTube user CoDFather has a tip that might fix the lag compensation issue. Keep in mind though that it will mean you have to fiddle with your router, IP, and other internet stuff. So if you're not comfortable tinkering with that just to play Black Ops 2 efficiently, well, I wouldn't blame you.

Here's a step-by-step video guide and as a tip, make sure to remember the default settings just in case your net gets borked, or at the very least, have someone who knows what they're doing handle this for you. As a sidenote, don't blame us if this doesn't work or somehow makes your connection worse, alright? But from the comments in the video, it seems to be the answer a ton of people are looking for.

For, he recommends the following if you can't find your router there.


If your router is not on the list at then you need to go on google and find your routers user guide. Once downloaded look up "how to port forward". The guide will show you where to go on your router to access the port forward section.

Then go to and choose any router off the list. Then choose either "ps3 call of duty black ops 2" OR "Xbox 360 call of duty black ops 2" depending on your consol. This will show you the port numbers you need to enter

Then log into your router, access the port forward tab, and input the numbers from

Well, there you have it. I haven't tried this yet so I can't attest if this will work for me. For those that has already did, share your experience in the comments if this really works or not, alright? Let's hope Treyarch rolls out a patch soon so we don't need to do stuff like this just to be able to play the game properly, no?