Full-blown Rally Experience Awaits Forza Horizon Players, New DLC in December


Want a bit of off-road racing in Forza Horizon? Good news, a rally-dedicated DLC pack wil hit the game in december.

Playground Games' design director Ralph Fulton told IGN that the studio has been working on the new content, which will be released on Xbox Live some time next month, and it'll provide a "much deeper" rally experience than Forza Horizon has been able to do so since its launch last month.

"I think there's an opportunity to go much deeper into that rally experience," he said. "That's maybe something we didn't have the chance to do in the broader context of Horizon itself but we identified that pure, one-car-on-a-rally-route, really intense rally experience that you can get if you go deep into rally is something that I think a lot of people to respond to and really look forward to."

Fulton also explained what to expect of the rally pack:

"Now I'm not sure of figures, right off the bat, but I know there are, I think, seven individual rallies within the pack. Each event is broken up into multiple stages so you get that stage by stage experience in each rally, and that's really what we're trying to do there."

However, the extra content won't be open world as the rest of Forza Horizon.

"It's not going to be part of the open world, because obviously we're changing quite a lot of the world and that's going to make synching up between people who have and don't have the pack difficult," Fulton added.

"So instead you're going to choose to enter the Horizon Rally Championship. That's going to take you off into a separate mode in which you get to experience the new routes and the new terrain that we've built."