Curiosity To Become Even More Curious

Thanks to six big new features, due sometime next week.

One of the biggest stories of today is how Peter Molyneux is returning to his roots, which is God games, via the modern miracle that is Kickstarter. And much of what he'll be doing is stuff learned from his most recent project, that being Curiosity. Which, as it turns out, is going to become even more curious.

During their Curiosity Liveblog, ComputerAndVideoGames discovered that six big new features are coming soon. Details are sparse, but according to Molyneux, said additions "have been designed by looking at how people interact with Curiosity."

The liveblog also states that 31 layers have been removed thus far. Which is quite the achievement, given how it's impossible for most people to even get their foot in the virtual door.

The first release from Molyneux's new studio, 22 Cans (as we know by now, their second will be Project Godus) was a smash success upon its debut, to the point that servers have not been able to keep up with the demand.

Many who have downloaded the game weeks ago have yet to be able to give it a spin, not even once. So let's just hope that one of the new features is wider bandwidth.