Mr. Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage in Borderlands 2 Launches Today

There’ll be plenty of loot and familiar faces, what else could you ask for?

The latest piece of downloadable content for Borderlands 2 – Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage – was released today on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC, and it has a launch trailer to go with it. It's sure nice to see someone cut Patricia Tannis off from what would probably have ended up as more of her typically insane ramblings. And while the whole ironically exaggerated naming convention is a little overdone these days, the tournament that takes place within the 'badass crater of badassitude' does look like a lot of fun.

I'm happy to see Tina, too, since she's one of my favourite characters and having her as a trainer is bound to be pretty funny. Unfortunately, I can't say I'm quite as delighted to see Moxxi. Even though her wibbly wobbly chest is probably supposed to be satire on all the other wibbly wobbly chests in other video games out there, I'm just so bored of looking at that kind of thing I can't even stop long enough to appreciate the reasoning behind it.

Borderlands 2, which was released in September of this year, has been a resounding hit, so it's not surprising that Gearbox has chosen to produce more purchasable content for the game. Does this campaign of carnage make you want to revisit Pandora, or maybe even try out the game for the first time?