Top 10 Best Action RPGs for the PC

Our list of the Top 10 Best Action RPGs on the PC which had a resonating impact on the genre.

We've added a number of new titles to the list to detail the upcoming action role-playing games slated for release on the PC in 2015. Take a look at what's on the slate for release this year.

Putting together a list of top role-playing games that fuse real-time action with RPG elements on the pc was quite a tall order, since there have been some great games that have hit the platform. Choices were made based on a number of different criteria, including writing quality, storytelling, player choices, and game mechanics. Every action RPG fan should play these games.

We've updated this list with none other than Path of Exile. Find out where it sits on this list!

Upcoming Action RPGs [Coming Soon]

1. Grim Dawn

From the makers of Titan Quest comes Grim Dawn, a game set in a post-apocalyptic steampunk universe where the world has been ravaged by magic and technology run amuck. Although primarily loot-driven like its predecessor, players get to make choices along the way, which makes it interesting for an action RPG. Strangers on the road, families, and even entire villages may live or perish based on the player’s actions.

2. Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 is an over-the-top action RPG that doubles as an open world co-op playground for players to lose themselves in. Players wield a variety of over-the-top, hand-crafted weapons in their arsenal against enemies both human and zombie. There’s even vehicles for players to drive around and roll over zombies with.

3.The Division

Taking place in the aftermath of a devastating pandemic that sweeps across New York City, The Division puts players in the roles of government agents who must fight to prevent the downfall of society and piece the city back together. This action RPG, which plays like a third person shooter, is set in an online environment where player choices matter.

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