Let It Die: Kill Haters The Easy Way With Frongus | Tear Gas Farming

Only on PS4: Ruin every Hater you meet with one of the best shrooms available in Let It Die. Frongus makes Haters a cinch to murder.

Tear Gas is one of the most useful weapons in your arsenal in Let It Die. If you’re having trouble with Haters or just want to turn gangs of Screamers into easy targets, Tear Gas is the effect you’ll want to collect. Tear Gas comes from an early source that’s easy to miss if you’re not stomping every animal you see — frogs.

Frongus Shrooms always drop after stomping on frogs, and frogs are extremely common on 1F. You can farm 5-7 Frongus Shrooms from 1F extremely easily at any point in the game, and the Tear Gas effect is incredibly powerful all the way up to the end of the game. Skip Boomshrooms — Frongus Shrooms are the best shrooms to throw in almost any situation. Learn how to cheese Haters in Let It Die with Frongus in the guide below.

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Why Frongus Shrooms Are Amazing | Tear Gas Farming

As stated in the intro, and in the title — Frongus Shrooms are OP. Throwing a Frongus and stunning an annoying Hater is basically a free instant kill. They can’t deal with you, and there’s an extremely easy source of unlimited Frongus Shrooms available right in the very first floor.

Let’s discuss some of the benefits of Frongus Shrooms, and how they work.

  • Frongus Shrooms — How Tear Gas Works
    • Select the Frongus Shroom with the PS4 Controller Touchpad, then press the left-side to throw. Press [X] to confirm your throw.
    • When thrown, Frongus Shrooms explode into a gas cloud. Anything that enters or touches this lingering gas will be stunned for several seconds.
    • If a Hater is charging towards you, throw the Frongus Shroom in front of him / her to create a shield. Enemies will blindly run straight into the cloud.
    • Wait for the gas cloud to dissipate before attacking! Your character is not immune and will be stunned if you touch the gas cloud.

After the gas cloud is clear, you’ll be able to make free attacks on the Hater / Screamers. Use a combo, knock them down, then stomp on them — if they’re still not dead, follow-up with another attack combo as they’re slowly standing up to finish them off. It works in almost every situation, it’s easier to land than a Boomshroom, and it’s endlessly effective.

  • How to Farm Frongus Shrooms
    • Frongus Shrooms only spawn from frogs. Find frogs on 1F TAMARA — two will almost always be found in the train room. Two more are available in the sewer room with two Tubers.
    • To make a Frongus Shroom spawn, don’t collect the frogs. Instead, stomp on them — while standing, step near a frog and press [X] to stomp.
    • A Frongus Shroom will always spawn from a frog following this method.

What makes Tear Gas even better is how plentiful it is. You’ll literally never run out of the stuff, and unlike healing items, it will always be useful even as you climb the tower up to floors 15-20+. It’s hilariously OP — maybe not as great as the all-powerful invisibility mushrooms found in the second zone, but still very handy for dealing with every single Hater you encounter.