Mass Effect 3 Glitches Are Outright Bizarre & Hilarious

We take a look at sixteen of the bugs and amusing glitches we’ve found in Mass Effect 3.

Mass Effect 3 Glitches

mass effect 3 glitches

Mass Effect 3 is finally out, and despite complaints to the quality of the demo, the game itself is easily the best game BioWare has ever made, to date. The game manages to enthrall players with its gripping, and uniquely emotional narrative populated by a cast of characters with whom some players have even fallen in love with over the years. Mass Effect 3 offers the perfect end to Commander Shepard's trilogy, which began in 2007.

Despite the game's overwhelming polish, a few bugs and glitches managed to slip past the quality assurance testers in the game's release. It's no surprise that some of these bugs made it out, given the size of the game. That said, it is quite surprising that a game of this magnitude doesn't have more glitches than the few we've decided to compile.

These bugs come in all manner—and many of them are amusing.