Phil Spencer Talks Project Scorpio, E3, and More

Microsoft has plenty riding on the Project Scorpio, the next big update console to release from the company. There’s not much information out just yet regarding the console, other than the boasts and hype being built from Microsoft. The company is even going as far as to say the Project Scorpio release will be the most powerful console to have ever launched.

With such a focus on Project Scorpio, especially leading up to E3 this year may have some gamers wondering if Microsoft will have the software to launch alongside it. According to Xbox head, Phil Spencer, first party video games are very critical.

This bit of news comes directly from Phil Spencer’s official Twitter account. The Xbox head has no problems answering fans questions and recently the subject went on to Project Scorpio, E3, and first party video game support.

Don’t get too excited as we still don’t know very much of anything new when it comes to the console. What we do know is that Microsoft is not willing to share any information regarding the consoles appearance debut.

We may get a reveal prior to E3 this year, though Phil Spencer was not willing to share if this will be the case or not. Likewise, with Project Scorpio on the horizon, it would be interesting to see just what software is being developed to really show off what the console can do and if it will be released alongside the console’s launch.

Phil does state that having video games ready for Project Scorpio is critical, we only know of three titles in the works right now. We’ll likely see a release of a new Forza title, along with Sea of Thieves, and Crackdown 3.

Some may speculate that these three IPs may not be console selling titles which may result in Microsoft having some other big surprises during this year’s E3 when it comes to the upcoming video game titles.

One thing is for sure, the Xbox head does feel their press briefings are a bit rushed and not given enough time to showcase the video games.