Halo Wars 2 DLC Kinsano Unveiled

Halo Wars 2 has already released and today we’re finding of the latest DLC being added in for gamers to enjoy. The new DLC was detailed through Halo Waypoint as the post discusses a new ally joining the UNSC battle.

This new face, Lt. Colonel Morgan Kinsano, is one of many new leaders that will be released on Halo Wars 2 through DLC. According to the post on Halo Waypoint, Kinsano was once a key insurrectionist leader in the Outer Colonies.

When a Covenant invasion took almost everything from her, Kinsano had became a not so disciplined UNSC officer, but because of her ruthlessness, she is one of the most respected Marine leaders.

“She takes to the field in her personalized Flame Cyclops, leading the Firestorm Battle Group, a strike force of ODSTs, Marines, and Hellbringers that specialize in delivering promethean fire to the enemies of humanity.

From a gameplay perspective, Kinsano embodies new playstyles and opens up new tactics with her focus on destructive and powerful fire damage that can quickly lay waste to enemy infantry and structures alike. But commanders should take note, despite her effectiveness against ground-targets, Kinsano and her allies have shown particular vulnerabilities to aerial assaults.”

Likewise, the new Lt. Colonel also comes with new units which include upgrade infantry and vehicles. It’s stated that these units can be played in both Blitz and Blits Firefight.

Gamers interested in the new DLC can purchase Kinsano for $5.99 USD if you’re without a season pass.