Diablo 3 Patch Notes Detail What’s New In Today’s 2.5.0 Update

A major update for Diablo III has arrived on all platforms today, bringing with it a large number of changes and new features.

The first includes the Armory feature that lets you store up to five different builds for each of your characters, allowing you to easily swap between sets of gear, skills, gems, and runes.

Crafting materials (like Arcane Dust or Forgotten Souls) no longer take up inventory space as they have been moved to their own area. Any materials you already have will be sent here automatically, freeing up your personal inventory and blank space. When picking up these types of items, you will see a floating message above your head that helps to keep you informed about what you have obtained.

High-end players have a new type of item to look for. Primal Ancients are very rare items that are guaranteed to have perfect Ancient-level stats on their affixes, as well as the maximum number of sockets possible for the item. You will only be able to find them after you have reached Greater Rift 70 solo with one of the characters on your account. Once you’ve done so, any you find will be for the class you are playing when the item drops.

Adventure mode sees some changes, as certain tilesets will appear less often in Greater Rifts. Additionally, your highest solo Greater Rift completion will now dictate what difficulty level you can access, rather than your Paragon level. Bonus Acts are also no longer a thing, you can play any Act you wish, as completing an Act still nets you the same rewards you would get for completing the Bonus Act previously.

Other changes to specific classes and items have been made, along with quality-of-life changes such as allowing you to assign Paragon points 100 at a time by holding the Control key on PX. The full 2.5.0 patch notes for the PC version can be found here.

Those playing on Xbox One or PS4 will see the introduction of Seasons. The first will begin on March 31st and operate like Seasons on PC, where you start as a fresh character who can’t access your bank.