Sony Week 4 Discount Vote Now Live

As you’re likely aware, Sony has been giving gamers the choice of upcoming discounts. For the past three weeks, gamers had a say as to which video game received a particular discount. Ultimately, these polls gave players a slight heads up for an upcoming deal they can take part in and today we’re learning as to what video games are being featured in week 4.

The latest weekly discount poll is now live and gamers have the choice between receiving a discount on Overcooked or Sheltered. Just like the previous weeks, the discount will be determined by the poll gamers can vote on at the official PlayStation Blog.

If Overcooked is chosen, gamers will find that the title will receive 40% off while Sheltered will only receive 30% off if the title comes out on top within the poll.

Last week, the poll pinned BioShock: The Collection and XCOM 2 against one another. After the polls closed, BioShock: The Collection came out on top, though it’s worth mentioning that the discount is currently over for the title.

While you’ll have to vote for the video game of your choice at the official PlayStation Blog right here to enter, let us know what video game you believe deserves a discount by leaving a comment down below. Don’t forget to vote, polls close on Wednesday, March 22, 2017.