Fantasy RPG ‘Legion of Chaos’ Brings Addictive Strategy to Mobile

Nine Key Technology’s passion for mythology comes alive in Legion of Chaos, a free to play PvP mobile experience where hero customisation, exploration and fiercely competitive matches make up the crux of gameplay.

The game lets players choose from a pool of fairy-tale inspired characters, which they control in a quest of levelling up, building and upgrading structures within defined territories. Here are the features in a bit more detail:

  • Customize your heroes freely – Unique heroes, with diversified creation modes including level up, promote and evolve, which let an ordinary soldier transform into a brilliant hero
  • Varied tactics setup – Each hero possesses special skills including assault, defensive and technical abilities. With hundreds of line-up formations, you can have an extraordinary experience made possible by the perfect fusion of strength and wisdom
  • Explore unknown areas – Explore the whole world freely to challenge mythical monsters, dominate the mines, unearth the treasures
  • Competitive PvP matches – Build your private team to compete against superiors in the arena. Utilise your excellent commanding ability to spot components’ weaknesses, tear apart their formation, and embrace the glory of victory
  • Build & upgrade your territory – Construct and upgrade the buildings within your own territory, and establish your own kingdom

Legion of Chaos is now available for iOS and Android devices.