Amazon UK Reportedly Offering Joy-Con Replacements

Nintendo recently launched their latest hybrid console into the market, known as the Switch. Just like with any new console, there are a number of bugs that are required to be patched up and fixed for gamers to fully enjoy the console as intended. This latest portable console from Nintendo is no exception with several gamers reporting their problems with the device online.

One of the issues that were popping up on a number of forums and social media outlets was some gamers are finding their Joy-Cons completely disconnecting or lagging in their inputs. This was one issue that gamers were hoping would be resolved after the initial patch Nintendo sent out, though the company is still attempting to find a solution.

Though there is one fix that Nintendo may have for the time being. Apparently, if gamers move the Joy-Cons out of range from other devices such as wireless printers, laptops, cordless smartphones, among other devices, the Joy-Cons connection will have a better chance maintain a strong connection.

That’s unfortunately not an easy fix for some gamers and perhaps a whole new unit will be ideal. After a report was made by Nintendo Life, it seems that Amazon in the UK is offering a replacement option for gamers who purchase a bundle through the retailer.

All-in-all, the replacement plan is credit in which Amazon will offer a full amount for a brand new Joy-Con purchase or partial replacement funds. We’re unsure just how one is justified for full replacement funds and not just a partial, but it could be a more permanent solution until Nintendo offers an update that completely fixes this bug.