Black Ops 2: Kill Confirmed Scoring System Aims to End Camping

black ops 2

With some players choosing to sit in relatively safe positions and kill anyone who gets by, camping can be a big problem in Black Ops, especially if you hate campers.

When the Kill Confirmed mode was announced for Modern Warfare 3 last year, many assumed that the mode would reduce camping because players would have to collect the tags of dead players to win. Instead of preventing camping, all it did was discourage players from picking up tags in order to prolong the game’s length—effectively turning the mode into a slayer’s paradise.

This is all about to change in Black Ops 2 with the inclusion of a rewards for players who collect tags, and even denying the enemy tags from your team by picking up the tags of your fallen comrades.

The scoring system works like following, and contributes to your score streak:

  • Killing an enemy: 50 points
  • Picking up an enemy tag: 100 points
  • Picking up a teammate’s tag:: 25 points
  • A teammate picks up the tag of a player you killed: 25 points

According to players who’ve beta tested the mode, the incentive in this objective to get out into the open and collect tags is huge. Players who choose to sit behind in the cover of safety and camp will be left out of the running, as each tag has the same worth as two kills. The system rewards smart players who get kills but also know when to claim the tags.

It’s doubtful that it’ll do much to prevent players from turning it into a slayer fest, though.