Play as a Lustful Praying Mantis in ‘Don’t Make Love’

Well, we all know what Marvin Gaye’s advice would be in this situation, but Don’t Make Love is an adventure game about resisting one’s primal urges to become physically intimate, and for good reason. Players assume the role of a praying mantis, who must ignore its basic instincts in order to avoid having its head cannibalised by a partner.

The game employs a text input system that allows you to steer the conversation appropriately (or inappropriately), which in turn influences the type of response you’ll elicit from your partner. Don’t Make Love is looking for some greenlight love on Steam, and promises the following game features:

  • You guide the story according to what you type.
  • A lively character that reacts in a meaningful way to what you do.
  • High replayability with multiple endings and dynamic answers.
  • Hand drawn art style with a cinematic cut.
  • Dynamic soundtrack that changes according to the mood of your partner

Currently the developers are planning for a release sometime in 2017.