Final Fantasy VII Remake Combat Details Emerged Online

Fans have been requesting a remake for Final Fantasy VII nonstop and it became a massive surprise when Square Enix unveiled the remake officially during an E3 expo. There’s plenty of hype building up behind the remake of a more popular Final Fantasy installment to have ever released. However, with every remake that launches into the market, fans of the original title seems to find themselves sacrificing a component or two that they enjoyed.

For instance, it seems that Final Fantasy VII Remake is taking on a more action-based combat system that allows players to easily move around and attack during a fight. This is a big difference compared to the original title that featured turn-based combat.

Now through statements given by Final Fantasy VII Remake’s director Tetsuya Nomura during an interview with Famitsu, which was reported by Gamerant, we now have new combat details.

Within the interview, Tetsuya Nomura spoke of how players will make use of the level during combat. Take for example Cloud, he may be able to do great damage when enemies are close by, but if an enemy is further away than what Cloud’s sword can reach, players will be able to swap character control to Barret and use his gun.

 “Rather than just ending it at that scaffold, we’ve made wide use of the space and developed a battle that takes advantage of the map’s characteristics where you’ll fight while switching between Cloud and Barret. For example, when there’s an enemy in a position that can’t be reached by Cloud’s sword, it’s more effective to switch to Barret. It’s becoming strategic in that way, as well.

The Guard Scorpion will change modes in the middle of the battle and demonstrate behavior not in the original version. Also in this screenshot, it should be noted that missiles and such are coming down. It’s become a significantly flashy battle.”

This is a pretty big change up to the game and something that fans of turn-based combat JRPG’s might not particularly enjoy. Perhaps we’ll hear more about the upcoming title during this year’s E3 expo as the Final Fantasy VII Remake is still in development for the PlayStation 4 platform.