Metal Gear Solid Movie Will Star Solid Snake, Not Any of Those Other Guys

In a move that surprised basically no one, Hideo Kojima announced today at Eurogamer Expo that the upcoming Metal Gear Solid film project will star the titular Solid Snake, not his dad, or Raiden, or his grandma.


But again, are you in any way surprised? The guy is the lead series protagonist, despite the fact his dad, Big Boss aka Naked Snake, is starting to catch up with him for total number of lead entries, and despite the fact that Raiden is the focus of the upcoming Metal Gear Rising spinoff, or that Snake’s spiritual grandmother, The Boss, might be the protagonist of Metal Gear Solid 5. You gotta give it to David, you guys. It’s the only way the fans will turn out for it.

The movie, which is being financed through Sony Pictures and produced by Avi Arad, is looking for an unknown actor to fill Solid Snake’s sneak suit. According to VG247’s Stephany Nunneley, “They wanted someone who will make a name for themselves in the role instead of an actor who is already notable.”

Well, Kojima, I too spent my filmmaking years forcing actors to memorize and spout off arduously long and convoluted scripts, so maybe I can make a few recommendations! It’s an open offer. Call me.

Kojima himself is neither directing nor writing the film but is being retained in a “supervisory role,” which may be the difference between this current film adaptation effort and previous ones which have fallen through. We’ll keep you posted.

Via VG247.