Raw Fury Has Announced Three New Games For Nintendo Switch

Raw Fury has announced three games today, Dandara, Kingdom: Two Crowns, and GoNNER. Each of these titles will be coming to the Nintendo Switch and some other consoles as well.

First up is Dandara, a Metroidvania-inspired adventure featuring a bold heroine whose goal is to bring direction to a directionless world. In a bizarre, gravity-bending place teeming with beauty, she strives for sense. Developer Long Hat House has created this game being developed for PC, consoles, mobile, and Nintendo Switch.

Dandara, according to Raw Fury, is a “natural fit” for the Nintendo Switch because it supports both touch controls and controller, and both of these controls are unique from one another. The input scheme feels intuitive and not combative or frustrating.

In addition, for those of you at GDC the game will be playable on Switch, and on PC at PAX East. For more information check out the official site at dandaragame.com.


The second title is Kingdom: Two Crowns, which is the next expansion in the Kingdom series and is due out later this year. This title will be the series’ debut on Nintendo Switch, utilizing Joy-Con for a couch (or on the go) co-op experience. Kingdom: Two Crowns will also come with additional content for veterans who are already familiar with the franchise. The game is also available for PC and console.

Kingdom: Two Crowns will be coming to Nintendo Switch alongside PC and console later this year. For more information, check out the official site at kingdomthegame.com

The third title is GoNNER, debuting for Nintendo Switch. Created by Ditto, it received an impressive 93% positive rating on Steam and an award for Best Audio bestowed at The Indhttps://youtu.be/OQfS3EIgxiUependent Games Festival 2017. New content will appear exclusively on Switch, with that some content coming to the PC version afterward. The official site for GoNNER is gonnergame.com.