Switch Pro Controller Compatible With PC, YouTuber Confirms

One of the hottest selling accessories for the Switch has to be the Pro controller. Many gamers are used to the design, shape, and layout of buttons from other consoles like PS4 and Xbox One.

Well, if you were debating on getting one, YouTuber DreWoof has found some new information that might help sway your decision. It seems like the Pro controller is compatible with PC. In the video down below, DreWoof walks viewers through and shows them that the controller works on PC via Bluetooth.

Check it the video down below:

If you want to pick up the controller, there seems to be some added incentive for doing so as it will now work with your PC. However, the Pro controller has been selling out in certain places, so if you’re looking to grab one, you might want to act fast.

Check out the recently uploaded FAQ to help answer some more questions about the device down below:

The Nintendo Switch is set to release this Friday on March 3.