Rumor: Shenmue HD Remaster Collection Coming This Year

One of the biggest announcements to come out of E3 2015 was the reveal of Shenmue III. The announcement of Shenmue III came with a Kickstarter campaign with an asking goal of $2 million USD and by the time that Kickstarter ended, the developers raised over an astounding $6 million USD. Now that we’re patiently waiting for its release, a new rumor has emerged online stating the previous two installments will be receiving an HD remaster collection.

Shenmue III was in development hell for a number of years leaving several gamers missing out completely on the past two installments altogether. Now that the third installment is finally in the works, some gamers may want to go back and enjoy the first two Shenmue titles in order to fully grasp the upcoming installment.

However, there is no official announcement that the first two Shenmue video games would be releasing once again or even receive an HD remaster. That is until today when a new rumor has leaked online suggesting that the first two titles will be released as a remastered collection this year.

The news regarding the remaster collection comes from Rice Digital who found out about the collection after info was sent by a close inside source. We don’t know quite yet on the specific release date for the upcoming rumored HD remastered collection. Likewise, outside of the PC release, there is no word on if the titles will appear on any other platform.

While the author does reveal that the remasters will be bundled and are nearly done, we will have to label this as a mere rumor until an official statement is sent out.