Here’s What Each Zelda: Breath of the Wild Amiibo Will Bring To The Game

Nintendo is still turning out the Nintendo Amiibo’s with the Nintendo Switch and a new set will be launching alongside the upcoming The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. There’s several new Amiibo’s that will be tossed into the market that will add certain functionalities to the game when activated.

If you’re interested in picking up the Amiibo’s then you’ll want to take note of what each Amiibo will do when activated during gameplay. This information was recently spotted and reported by GameXplain after checking out the back of each Amiibo figure box.

As mentioned, there are several figures being released by Nintendo which includes Archer Link, Rider Link, a Guardian, a Bokoblin, and Princess Zelda. Each will be shown off and noted as to what they will bring towards gameplay down below.

Guardian Amiibo

The Guardian Amiibo will unlock rare weapons and items. Some of these items will include a special arrow, a magical orb, and a gear. It’s to be seen just what each item will do within the game.

Bokoblin Amiibo

The Bokoblin Amiibo will unlock rare weapons which both appear to be different clubs that are more decked out than the standard wooden clubs which is sported by the Bokoblins.

Rider Link

The Rider Link Amiibo will give players two particular items one being a sword while the other will be a new saddle for your horse.

Princess Zelda

With the Princess Zelda Amiibo, you’ll only receive one item. The item is a shield and it’s a bit unlike the full shields we normally see as it appears to be made of iron.

Archer Link

Similar to Princess Zelda, the Archer Link will only give players one item. The item is a new unique bow which will likely deal more damage than the standard weapons you’ll receive when first starting the video game.