Final Fantasy XV 1.05 Patch Still Has Issues For PlayStation 4 Pro

Final Fantasy 15 recently received a patch that brought the video game to version 1.05 and this may actually dampen the gameplay sessions for PlayStation 4 Pro owners. This latest version aimed to provide gamers on the PlayStation 4 Pro with 60 frames per second with high resolution, but it seems that gamers are still dealing with a variety of issues.

Comparison and gameplay were shown off through Digital Foundry which we have posted right above. In the past, Final Fantasy 15 had given players two choices for gameplay. These choices were either a Lite or High mode.

Essentially, within the Lite mode, gamers were able to enjoy a solid 30 fps at 1080p resolution while the High mode would boost the resolution up to 1800p, giving gamers a slightly improved texture filtering and shadows. However, within the High mode, gamers were forced into a more sporadic frame drops leaving gameplay less desirable within the particular mode.

With the recent patch, players will still find the two modes within Final Fantasy 15 however, they have been changed up. Now within the Lite mode, Square Enix has now unlocked frame rates which in theory would have given gamers 60 fps, but instead, the game sputters between 40-50 fps. Gamers may only find a full 60 fps when looking towards the ground.

As for the High mode, the development team has yet to touch and fix the drastic frame rate drops which make visuals jerky and at times sporadic. For now, we’ll have to wait for yet another patch that may finally fix these issues.

In other news regarding the latest installment of the Final Fantasy franchise, the game director has stated an interest in bringing the title onto the PC platform with mod support. Unfortunately, there is no confirmation on if the video game title will ever see a release for the PC, though we may finally get more news regarding a port during E3 of this year.