Paradox Interactive Announces Cities: Skylines for Xbox One

Paradox Interactive have announced today that their city planning, world-building game, Cities: Skylines will be heading to the Xbox One this Spring.

The game was a PC exclusive up until now, which many found excellent. The Xbox One version of Cities: Skylines will come with everything the PC version launched with, including the After Dark expansion pack.

Check out the launch trailer down below:

After the success of Cities: Skylines on PC, there was a strong desire to take on the challenge of bringing this game from PC to console. We figured the typical Skylines player doesn’t necessarily need to be sitting in front of a computer screen, mouse and keyboard at the ready to build fun, beautiful, crazy, creative and bustling cities; it can be perfectly suited for doing all of that from the comfort of your living-room couch.

Many might be not convinced that Cities will be compatible with Xbox One due to the sheer fact that game is solely built for a mouse and keyboard. However, Paradox does ensure players that they have figured out a way to make a controller feel very natural and smooth for the game. Check out how they managed to pull it off down below:

The controller is not an imprecise tool; it is just a different one. So our aim was to play to its strengths, which meant switching focus from a moving mouse to a snappier point-to-point navigation of the UI, including radial menus and dedicated Xbox One controller button prompts. The UI also needed some size adjustments while the camera controls were assigned to the left and right controller sticks, which is a standard that most Xbox players will already be familiar with. The end result is a game that feels very natural and smooth.

Cities: Skyline will launch for the Xbox One later this Spring; no release date or price point was revealed as of yet.